Plantation of 26 improved varieties of Moong started in BAU

Ranchi: Plantation of 26 improved varieties of moong started at Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) in Ranchi on Thursday. On the initiative of Vice-Chancellor Dr. ON Singh, ICAR’s National Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur has provided seeds of 26 improved varieties of moong developed for different regions of the country. 

Under the ICAR-AICRP Kharif Pulses Project of BAU, all 26 improved varieties of moong were sown at the research farm of Regional Research Station, Darisai (East Singhbhum). Project investigator Dr CS Mahato said two local varieties, RMB 15-1 and RMB 15-8, developed by BAU have been included in the trial. Through this, the performance of different agricultural eco-friendly and suitable varieties of Jharkhand state will be assessed. There will be a special focus on crop duration, yield potential, crop quality, and disease and pest outbreaks.

On the basis of crop performance, two-three improved varieties suitable for the state will be recommended. In the current Kharif season, under the Kharif Pulses Project, a total of 27 varieties of Urad crops will be tested through coordinated trials at the university headquarters. Vice-Chancellor Dr. ON Singh said in the changing climate, priority is being given to the research of short-duration crops by BAU. There is a lot of potential in the upper (Tand-1) land of the state for the cultivation of pulse crop moong with a duration of about 65-68 days.

In view of prevailing rain-fed farming, adverse weather conditions and uneven rainfall in the state, it is necessary to emphasize on agricultural diversification. In the current Kharif season, through Multi locational Trial (MLT) of improved varieties, testing has been started at three Regional Research Centres, Darisai (East Singhbhum), Chianki (Palamu) and Dumka and University Headquarters, working under the Directorate of Research of BAU.

Moong is cultivated in Ranchi, Bokaro, Gumla, Palamu and Garhwa.

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