Plan to murder a worker of Road Construction Company for refusing to pay Rs 50 lakh levy, two criminals of Aman Sahu gang arrested by Police

Ranchi:  According to Police, there was a plan to murder an employee of Bharat Mala Road Construction Company for refusing to pay Rs 50 lakh levy. In this case, on the instructions of SSP Chandan Sinha, Ranchi Police arrested two criminals of Aman Sahu gang. Which includes Pramod Singh and Amjad, residents of Sakul village located in Patratu police station area.

Pramod Singh told the police that Chandan Saav of my village, who is lodged in Ranchi jail, sent a WhatsApp call message from 923498*94 to my mobile 834037079* saying that Mayank Singh alias Sunil Singh Meena and Aman Sahu lodged in Palamu jail.

Bharat Mala Road Construction Company was threatened with death through WhatsApp calls and messages and demanded protection money of Rs 50 lakh. Pramod said that to bring the levy money, Chandan Sao’s elder brother Tinku Sao and Aman Sao’s younger brother Akash Sahu sent me and Amjad by giving them revolver, bullets and mobile.

Tinku Saav had said that he has to bring all the money and give it to me, later I and Akash Sahu will divide it among ourselves and we were also ordered that if the company hesitates or makes excuses in giving fifty lakhs, then we will be punished immediately. The time is to shoot and kill the company officials and employees.

After this order, on the day of the incident, I and Amjad Khan were coming towards Bharatmala in my car and in the other white colored Swift car, Raja Ansari, father Khalil Ansari, village Jaynagar, police station Patratu, Rahul Dubey, father Paramhans Dubey, village Kujju Transport Nagar, OP Kujju and Jagat Sadu alias Lucky, father Satyaprakashsahu, were sitting in village Krishnapuri, Powerhouse, police station Chutiya.

Those who were doing recce of police activities and were also included among those who took fifty lakh rupees. After we were caught, they all ran away in their car. Pramod Singh told the police that for the last few days, on the orders of Mayank Singh, Aman Sahu (who is currently lodged in Palamu Jail) and Chandan Sahu (who is currently lodged in Birsa Munda Jail, Ranchi), in the first week of February, near Karanjatoli.

At the Bharatmala construction site, Raja Ansari, Jagat Sahu alias Lucky and another one whom Raja Ansari had brought, opened fire to scare the Bharatmala Project Company, spread terror and extort money. About a month after this incident, in the first week of March, Raja Ansari and Jagat, on the instructions of Mayank Singh, Aman Sahu, and Chandan Sahu, to spread terror among the company officials and employees at the Bharatmala Project construction site in village Khudia and extort extortion by intimidating them.

Sahu alias Lucky and two other people whom Raja Ansari had brought. About eight-ten rounds were fired with him there also. In the third week of February, about five-six rounds were fired in Balkudra Mines of Ramgarh Basal police station to spread terror and extort money. Two days later, several rounds were fired near the Sauda Panchayat building to spread terror and to establish their dominance and extort money. 

Pramod Singh told the police that Raja Ansari had fired on the Bhurkunda police station in-charge of Ramgarh near CCL Hospital. Tinku Sao had given the pistol to Raja Ansari in front of me for firing at the police station in-charge Bhurkunda.

In the middle of February in the Jaridih police station area of Bokaro district, Mayank Singh, on the orders of Aman Sahu and Chandan Sahu, had threatened to pay extortion money of Rs 50 lakh from the contractor of the NG company which was constructing a four-lane highway road and had said that from there Only I, Rahul Dubey and Raja Ansari have to bring fifty lakh rupees.

Pramod told the police, whenever Akash Sahu, Raja Ansari, Rahul Dubey, Jagat Sahu alias Lakhi Sahu, Amjad Khan and Tinku Sau had to talk or plan among themselves, we used the Jangi app. Either through WhatsApp or otherwise, they used to talk face to face and make plans. 

We never used mobile phones for simple calls, to talk to each other or to make any kind of plan. We gang members use the Jangi app to talk to each other, in which no one knows the number and there is no fear of getting caught.

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