Passage of Agriculture Bills is the most severe attack on federal structure of country: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Describing the passage of agriculture reforms bills as the most severe attack on the federal structure of the country in the history of independent India Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that he does not understand as to in which direction the Prime Minister wants to take the country.

Addressing a Press Conference at the project building on Friday he said that Government of India was misusing the powers which were given to it by the Constitution. He said that in every policy which is being framed by the Centre both the state governments and the people are coming out with strong reactions. He said first the GST was brought which has not been even properly implemented till date and it was followed by coal block auction, education policy and now Agriculture policy.

The Chief Minister said that Agriculture was a subject of the state list and even the Constitution of India clearly defines the powers and the subjects which are under the center, state and concurrent list.

He said that the Centre could have only made changes in the Agriculture Policy if an emergency was prevailing in the country, states would have made a request in this regard to the Centre or if two-third members of the parliament would have made a demand in this regard.

The Chief Minister further said that what was also disappointing to note that on important issues the centre never bothers to consult or take suggestions from the state governments or the assemblies.

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