Panchayat elections will be held by March 2022: Aalamgir Aalam

Ranchi: After a delay of one-year preparations have been made to conduct Panchayat elections in Jharkhand. In the state, the term of three-tier panchayats had ended in 2020 itself but the state government could not conduct elections citing the corona epidemic but now preparations are being made to hold elections by March of 2022.

Rural Development cum Panchayati Raj Minister Alamgir Alam has said that any time after February 15, an announcement will be made to hold Panchayat elections in Jharkhand. He said necessary procedures related to elections have been completed. The government is determined to conduct elections by the end of this financial year, he added. The minister said that however the voter list in Jharkhand has not been finalized yet. The list will be sorted and given to the State Election Commission and after that it will be sent to all the districts.

The Deputy Commissioner cum District Election Officer of all the districts will distribute it ward wise and all the work is likely to be done by February 10 he said adding that after this only the announcement of holding Panchayat elections will be made. Earlier elections were to be held till April 21 but it could not be done. In Jharkhand work is being done through the executive committee constituted under the chairmanship of the village head.

Rural Development Minister Alamgir Aalam said that the opposition is making unnecessary hues and cry on Panchayat elections. He said that only politics is happening over the matter asked as to whether any work has stopped in the panchayats of the state.

He alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party should tell why they did not conduct Panchayat elections in Madhya Pradesh and whose government is there. He said that in Jharkhand the state government is announcing Panchayat elections but in MP it has been directly said that Panchayat elections will not be held yet. Alamgir Aalam said that he is assuring the public that the government is willing to hold panchayat elections soon and preparations are being made for it.

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