Our ancestors fought a long struggle against injustice and exploitation, that is why our existence continues: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Friday said that our ancestors fought a long battle against British rule, exploitation, oppression and others at different times. Be it the struggle to save one’s existence and survival or to protect water, forest and land. Many sacrificed themselves in this fight. But, as a result of the struggle they waged, the existence of tribals and indigenous people continues today.

“Hundreds of salutes to the brave martyrs of Guva firing incident. We are remembering their sacrifice in the tribute meeting organized in the honor of our brave martyrs. On this occasion, let us all resolve to imbibe the ideals of our martyrs, ancestors and agitators and build the Jharkhand of their dreams.” Said Chief Minister while addressing the tribute meeting-cumfoundation laying ceremony of projects-inauguration and asset distribution program organized in memory of the martyrs of Guava firing incident at Noamundi in West Singhbhum district on Friday. On this occasion, he paid tribute to the brave martyrs by garlanding the martyr site. 

The Chief Minister said that our government is doing the work of honoring our brave martyrs by identifying their dependents and those who lived a life of anonymity along with the agitators of a separate state of Jharkhand. In this sequence, work has been done to connect the dependents of martyrs with various government schemes along with jobs and pensions. 

The Chief Minister said that after the formation of our government, we had to face the Corona epidemic and drought. We are all aware of the situation of the Corona period. But, our government continued the development works even in the midst of the ongoing war against this global disease. Today the government has schemes for every class and every section. In the last three and a half years, amidst all the challenges, our government has drawn a long streak of development. This process will continue continuously. 

The Chief Minister said that just as the benefit of social security pension is being given to all the elderly, disabled and single women under the Universal Pension Scheme, similarly the government has now decided to provide pucca houses to all the homeless. Abua Awas Yojana will be started very soon, so that people’s dream of own house can come true.

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