On the defeat, the opposition is questioning the Election Commission and is also making baseless allegations of EVM hack – Pratul Shah Deo

Ranchi: BJP state spokesperson Pratul Shah Deo hit back at the press conference of Congress and JMM and said that the opposition is looking for excuses after seeing its certain defeat.

Media is being targeted.

The impartiality of the Election Commission is being questioned.

They do not believe in exit polls.

But now the people of the country are going to make him exit politically.

Pratul said that earlier the opposition used to raise the slogan of EVM hack.

Then he made a baseless allegation without any proof on the Home Minister of talking to 150 DMs.

Pratul said that earlier the opposition used to raise the slogan of EVM hack.

He said that the opposition is not even able to find proper excuses for the defeat.

Sometimes it is talking about EVM hack and sometimes about DM hack.

Pratul said that the Congress led Indi alliance is going to face another big defeat under the leadership of its prince.

Pratul said that all the exit polls are showing that the NDA alliance will touch or cross the figure of 400 seats.

These exit polls are giving 80 to 140 seats to the Indi alliance.

Now Congress should clarify from where it will get its claimed 295 seats?

Pratul sarcastically asked whether Congress will get the remaining seats from Abdul Tent House.

Because he had contested the elections in the name of this Abdul and had also talked about giving reservation to this Abdul.

Pratul said that the opposition, which till yesterday had talked about winning 14 seats in Jharkhand, has now won 10 seats in Jharkhand, whereas their account is not going to be opened here.

NDA is going to form the government for the third time with an overwhelming majority under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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