Not a single vote was cast in the upgraded middle school Chhodiya, Jamshedpur till 12 noon

Jamshedpur:  Not a single vote was cast in the upgraded middle school Chhodiya till 12 o’clock in the day.

After 12 o’clock, after the administration made the villagers understand, one person Kartik Singh Sardar exercised his franchise.

Due to the efforts of DCLR Neil Nikhil Surin of Ghatshila sub-division, one person voted.

The villagers demand that since independence, no road has been constructed to reach Chhodia and Chhabisa villages.

Former MLA Pradeep Kumar Balmuchu had provided facilities like construction of roads, club buildings, and drinking water to the villagers in every village.

After this, former MLA Laxman Tudu, current MLA Ramdas Soren and current MP Vidyut Varan Mahato did not come to the village even once.

Even during the election campaign, not a single candidate reached the village to campaign.

Only one CPI candidate had come to the village to campaign, but did not talk to any villager.

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