Nine girls and a boy who were victims of human trafficking rescued in Delhi

Ranchi: Due to the meaningful efforts of Chief Minister Hemant Soren the victims of human trafficking are being freed and rehabilitated in their homes. In the same connection, seven girls from the Khunti district of Jharkhand and three girls from the Giridih district, who were victims of human trafficking, have been freed in Delhi.

The freed girls belong to Khunti and Giridih districts. Strict instructions have been given to all the districts by the Director of Women and Child Development Department A Dode that in whichever district the children are rescued in Delhi, the District Social Welfare Officer and Child Protection Officer of the district the girl child will be rehabilitated back to her district. In this episode, District Social Welfare Officer of Giridih district Alka Hembram and District Child Protection Officer Ahmed Ali, three girls of Giridih and seven girls of Khunti were scouted from Delhi after rescue in Delhi.

All the girls are going back to Ranchi from the capital. These girls will be linked to various schemes run by the Social Welfare Department so that all these girls do not become victims of human trafficking again.

The Government of  Jharkhand and the Department of Women and Child Development are very sensitive to human trafficking and believe in prompt action. This is the reason why the Integrated Rehabilitation-cum- Resource Center is being run in Delhi, whose Nodal Officer Mrs. Nachiketa is working to free the victims of human trafficking in Jharkhand and rehabilitate them back to their district of Jharkhand.

As per the instructions of the local commissioner Mastram Meena, the children who have been victims of human trafficking, misplaced or trapped by someone’s misguided and unprotected by constantly visiting various children’s homes of Delhi by Integrated Rehabilitation-cum-Resource Centre, New Delhi, Action is being taken to send the girls back.

In this regard, after establishing constant coordination with Delhi Police, Child Welfare Committee, New Delhi and Child Welfare Committee of border states, victims of human trafficking are being identified and freed. After that work is being done to send the liberated people safely to their home district, where they are being rehabilitated.

The rescued girls in Delhi were brought through brokers. In Jharkhand, such brokers are very active who lure young girls to Delhi by luring them to live a good life in Delhi and sell them on the pretext of employing them in different houses by which they get a hefty amount and the life of these girls is made worse than hell.

Parents also play an important role in sending girls in the clutches of touts. As per the instructions of the Social Welfare Women and Child Development Department, the children being sent to Jharkhand will be continuously monitored through the Village Child Protection Committee (VLCPC) by connecting them with the welfare schemes, sponsorship, foster care, Kasturba Gandhi Residential Girls Schools run in the respective district, so that these girls can be saved from being victims of human trafficking again and human trafficking can be stopped in the state of Jharkhand


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