Dependents of Jharkhand Andolankaris will get 5 percent horizontal reservation in government jobs: Chief Minister

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Friday said that the state government has taken a pledge to give full respect and rights to each and every Andolankaris of Jharkhand separate state movement. The Andolankaris involved in the last line of this movement will also be identified and given their due he said while addressing the launch program of identification of all the Andolankaris of Jharkhand separate state movement.

On this occasion, he released the “Logo” and “Application Form” of the Agitator Identification Commission. Through this, the Andolankaris will be re-identified and listed. The Chief Minister said that the new application form has been made very simple so that every Andolankaris can be easily identified to submit his claim before the Commission.

The Chief Minister said that the land of Jharkhand has given birth to many brave sons, who have sacrificed themselves for the country. He also said that the movement for a separate state of Jharkhand is also no less than the freedom struggle of the country after a long struggle people got a Jharkhand state in this countless people gave their sacrifices and families were martyred. He said that this state can never forget their martyrdom and will give full respect to all such Andolankaris.

The Chief Minister said that when the Jharkhand separate state movement was started, people felt that it was impossible for the tribal community but Adivasi and the son of the earth continued to give an edge to the movement with full determination and finally Jharkhand managed to realize its dream as a separate state. He said that after a long struggle and agitation people got a separate state, but there were many challenges with it.

The biggest challenge was to identify the Jharkhand Andolankaris as in the initial years, only about two thousand agitators were identified, seeing this figure he felt that since such a long struggle for a separate state has been going on, then the number of agitators cannot be so small.

He said that he had full faith that thousands of people had given their whole bodies and mind in the movement for a separate state in such a situation, how can the agitators be kept away from respect and rights.

While brainstorming seriously on this, the government made a new format for the identification of Jharkhand Andolankaris, so that everyone can be listed and linked to the benefits they get from the government. Soren said that he is addressing this program as Chief Minister, but his identity is being the son of an Andolankari of which he was proud of. Not as the Chief Minister of the state, but as the son of the Andolankari the government will give the rights and respect.

He told the people that the government will play an important role in reducing their suffering. With this, whatever obstacles will be there in the development of the state, with the cooperation of all they will be removed and a new Jharkhand will be created.

The Chief Minister said that tribals have been exploited for centuries because of this many tribal families were forced to migrate here. But, now the government will give full rights to the tribals. He told the migrated tribals to return and assured that the government will provide them all facilities including water, forest land.

The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand is a mineral-rich state but, there has always been someone else exploiting the mineral wealth here whereas, the people here were deprived of it but now that will not happen as the state and the people of the state will have the right over the minerals and mines here only then will anyone else be allowed to use it as the government has also made rules for this.

He said that work is being done to improve the education system of the state. Five thousand model schools are being built and the standard of education in these schools will be like that of private schools of high quality. Children studying in government schools will not be less than the children of private schools in any sense he added.

The Chief Minister said that the State Government has implemented Universal Pension Scheme and every eligible beneficiary will get a pension in it and there will be no limit on the number of pensions. All the elderly, disabled, abandoned, widows and single women are being linked to the pension scheme he said.

The Chief Minister also apprised the people about the welfare schemes of the government on this occasion. On this occasion, Rajya Sabha MP Shibu Soren, Agriculture Minister Badal, MLA Sudivya Kumar Sonu and Rajesh Kachhap, Chairman of Andolankaris Identification Commission Durga Oraon and members Bhuvneshwar Mahto and Narsingh Murmu, Padma Shri Madhu Mansoori Hasmukh, Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Rajiv Arun Ekka, Secretary to Chief Minister Vinay Kumar Choubey and Andolankaris from all districts were present.

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