Neeraj Singh Murder: Police intensifies raids, many suspects arrested

Dhanbad, Mar 24: The SIT and CID teams are working swiftly to reach to
the killers of Congress leader and former Deputy Mayor of Dhanbad
Neeraj Singh and as part of the investigation more than a dozen
suspects from Dhanbad and Jharia have been arrested.
Police sources said that more than a dozen suspects have been arrested
from both the areas and are being interrogated at some secret
location. Couple of arrested have been identified as Avinash and Sashi
Paswan. However the higher police officials have remained silent on
these developments and denied arrest.
CID ADG Ajay Kumar Singh said that many vital clues have been found by
the police and soon the killers would be nabbed. The police is also
going through the CCTV footage which has been recovered from the area.
Police is also investigating the murder of Ranjay Singh alongwith that
of Neeraj Singh as it is working on the theory that both these murders
are inter connected.
In the meanwhile one Aditya Raj who too was present in the vehicle
when Neeraj and three others were shot appeared before the police and
said that Sanjeev Singh had killed Neeraj. He said that he was also in
the car  and Sanjeev who was sitting on two-wheeler killed Neeraj.
The team of CID and district police also interoggated Aditya Rah at
the circuit house here after he registered his statement in the case
as the prime eye-witness. In his statement he maintained that he was
sitting in the back seat when the firing started, he hid himself below
the seat of the vehicle that is why he managed to survive.
On Thursday an FIR was registered by younger brother of Neeraj Singh
who had named BJP’s Jharia MLA Sanjeev Singh and few others as the
prime accused behind killing his brother. Despite Aditya Raj statement
police is not convinced about his theories and is also probing is call
A team of the Saraidheal police reached the Guru Kripa automobile shop
here and obtained the CCTV footage. Sources said that after executing
the incident the criminals had fled from the same route so it is
expected that police might be able to come out with their identities.
In yet another development former Director of CIMFER SA Roy reached
the police and informed that four people were living as tenants at his
house located at Kusum Vihar. In his application to the police he said
that after the incident they locked the house and left without
informing. Roy suspected them to be the killers and demanded for
probe. Later Roy ans his family were called at the SSP residence for

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