Need to manufacture as per the demands of the market: Raghubar

Ranchi, May 25: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das  said that with the change in time the Tussar Silk manufacturers need to bring a change in their thoughts and prepare clothes according to teh latest fashion and needs of the market.


Addressing the people after inaugurating the Jharkhand Fashion Festival here he said that by providing better quality clothes and manufacturing Tussar silk the state can make a name for it self globally. He said that the government was committed for the development of the Tussar Silk Industry and provide it with all the needed support. He said that the state has formed a very good textile policy and so far construction work of three textile units has commenced and in future more investments would be witnessed in the sector.

The Chief Minister said that 82 pc Tussar of the country is manufactured here but due to lack of guidance the raw materials from the state are used by other companies with their own branding. He said that to counter these challenges the Jharcraft needed to become a brand in its own right. He said that 62 pc lac is cultivated there and bangles are prepared which are markeetd by Jaipur based firms and known as Jaipuri bangles which needed to be changed.


Mr Das said that the state government has formed Mykhymantri Udyami Board as part of which women from 32,000 villages would be made its part who would be provided skill development training. He said that the state government has made a provision of Rs 700 crore for skill development.


Sharmistha Som director of Kupla kaifla said that better work was being done in the area tussar Silk in Jharkhand and efforts are being made to enhance the skills of the women of the state and link them with this sector. She said that a collective effort should be made so that the culture and tradition ccan reach to the consumers and asked to work to preserve teh dying art forms of the nation.

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