National Disaster Management Authority to conduct mock drill on December 21 to deal with floods in Jharkhand

Ranchi:  National Disaster Management Authority, under the chairmanship of Brigadier Birendra Thakur reviewed the preparedness of Jharkhand State Disaster Management Authority and all concerned departments to deal with floods in Jharkhand. He said that if there is a flood in Jharkhand, then how will we rescue the people, how will we protect their life and property, we have to make strong preparations for this.

Every life is precious and to save every life, we have to keep our preparations strong and all the concerned departments have to work in coordination with each other. A mock drill will be organized to deal with floods in Jharkhand.

This will be top exercise of the concerned Disaster Management Division was conducted on Tuesday in the auditorium of the Disaster Management Division located in Dhurwa. 

On this occasion, officials of all the concerned departments and officials of the districts were present through video conferencing. Brigadier Birendra Thakar of National Disaster Management Authority said that at the time of floods and other disasters, all concerned departments and officials should be aware of their roles and responsibilities.

At the time of disaster, all the departments will work together only then the result will be visible. He suggested the disaster management officials to notify the IRS module in Jharkhand. With this, if every department and officials know their role and responsibility, then rescue will be easier in times of disaster.

He said that in the IRS system, different situations and their solutions at the time of flood and other disasters have been explained in detail. Mock drill will be conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority and Jharkhand Disaster Management Authority on 21st December to deal with floods in Dhurva Dam.

In this regard, information was taken about the preparations of the Jharkhand Disaster Management Authority and all related departments. Rajesh Kumar, Deputy Secretary, Disaster Management Department, threw light on the functioning of Jharkhand State Disaster Management Authority in detail. He identified the local disasters of Jharkhand. Informed about the situation of flood due to heavy rains.

In view of the situation of flood, emphasis should be given on pre-preparation and rescue, relief and rehabilitation along with its prevention so that people can be rescued in time, rescue Relief can be provided to the affected people as well as their rehabilitation.

We have to work with this objective. He informed about the loss of life and property due to lightning in Jharkhand and the accidents occurring in mining areas, especially in Jharia of Dhanbad. On this occasion, all the concerned departments and all the districts gave information about their preparedness to deal with floods and disasters.

Ranchi District Executive Magistrate Shri Sanjay Kumar through a presentation threw light on the possibilities of flood and other disasters and disaster management in Ranchi district. Officials of the Water Resources Department, Urban Development Department, Health Department and other related departments took steps to deal with the floods. 

The main objective of the table top exercise is to further strengthen the integrated effort so that relief can be provided to the people affected by the flood with the help of all the preparations before and after the disaster. The preparations for how the army team, health department, airport department, helicopter facility, water resources department, communication services should work together in providing health facilities, food packets, medicines, and clean drinking water to the people were reviewed.

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