Nandita Das applauds Kapil Sharma for learning Jharkhand accent for ‘Zwigato’

Mumbai (IANS) Film actress and director Nandita Das shared how comedian and actor Kapil Sharma learned the Jharkhand accent for playing the role of a delivery boy in her directorial project, ‘Zwigato’.

She said: “In the film, Kapil will be seen in a new avatar who will be speaking in a Jharkhand accent rather than his usual Punjabi accent. I was initially concerned about his Jharkhand accent. I even gave him the option of changing his accent to Punjabi if he couldn’t deliver dialogues properly in the accent I chose.”

The 53-year-old actress further praised Kapil saying that he worked hard to learn a new language despite the fact that she insisted on delivering the dialogue in Punjabi. However, he said that he would learn the Jharkhand accent which is needed for his character.

Nandita added: “He immediately declined the offer of delivering dialogues in Punjabi, stating that he would deliver the dialogues in the accent previously decided. He knew the significance of dialogue delivery in its original form and stepped out of his comfort zone by adopting a Jharkhand accent very beautifully.”

Nandita, who acted in over 40 films including ‘Fire’, ‘Earth’, ‘Bawandar’ among others and also directed movies such as ‘Manto’ which premiered at prestigious film festivals, appeared on Kapil’s comedy-based reality show to promote her film ‘Zwigato’.

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