Name of Jharkhand’s Education Minister’ grand daughter cut from school for non payment of fee

Bokaro: The monopoly of the private schools in the state is once again back in the news and this time it is Jharkhand’s Education Minister Jaggarnath Mahto who had to face the heat as the name of his granddaughter was cut off for nonpayment of fee by the Delhi Public School.

On Saturday the Minister himself reached the school and paid the fee. The granddaughter of the Education Minister is a student of class fourth in DPS which is located in Chas here.

A livid Minister later said that he was a day earlier informed by his daughter that the school authorities had disrupted the studies of the girl for nonpayment of fee after which he had himself spoken with the school management and had asked them to allow the girl to study and had assured that the fee would be paid.

But even his words did not have an impact on the school which cut the name of his granddaughter after which the Minister himself turned up at the school and paid the fee. Mahto said that the incident was also a reflection of the acts of private schools in the state.

The minister said that he had come to the school not to create any mental pressure on the authorities but as a guardian as his granddaughter was studying here. He said that on previous occasions also he had got information through various media platforms regarding acts of the private schools but this incident had given him an opportunity to come face with the suffering of the people.

Though the Minister did not comment on further course of action to be taken by the department but he did maintain that he would think over the incident.

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