Muslim girl teaching Yoga provided security after threats

Ranchi, Nov 07 :: Security has been provided to a Muslim girl Rafia Naaz who teaches Yoga.


She was facing threat from Maulvis of her own community members for teaching Yoga.  The issue was brought to notice of Sanjay Kumar, Principal secretary of Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghjubar Das on Tuesday.


Sanjay Kumar asked the Ranchi police to look into the issue.


Ranchi, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kuldeep Dwivedi sent a police team to meet her. She has been provided two security guards one male and one female.


Rafia a resident of Doranda locality of Ranchi is a Yoga teacher. She ekes out living for her family members by teaching Yoga. She is eldest among the brother and sister of the family. She is doing Mcom from Marwari college of Ranchi. Her family members were scared of threat issued by members of her own community members.


She had come to limelight when she had shared stage with Yoga Guru Ramdev in Ranchi sometime back.


She was threatened of Fatwa if she continued Yoga teaching. “ My problem is with members of both communities. On one side I am asked not to teach Yoga and other side people say to change my name so that people do not hesitate to learn Yoga from me” said Rafia to reporters.


She said “ I will continue to do Yoga and teach Yoga till end of my life”.


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