Municipal Corporation’s claims are hollow, the city’s ponds are still dirty

Ranchi: The great festival of faith, Chhath, will start after two days. While the Chhath fasti are preparing for it, for their convenience, the Municipal Corporation and the District Administration have also been instructed by the government to make better arrangements and strong security arrangements. During the great festival, Chhath Vrati, according to religious tradition, offers Arghya to the setting and rising sun in rivers, dams and ponds.

The surprising thing is that only two days are left in this great festival of faith. But the work of cleaning the ponds of the capital is still incomplete. Whereas the Municipal Corporation had claimed a day before that the work of cleaning the ponds of the city has been completed in view of the festival. But the pictures of the city’s ponds are telling the truth. The claims of the corporation proved to be hollow.

It is known that thousands of men and women come to the main big pond of the capital (Ranchi Lake) to celebrate Chhath. But its cleaning has not been completed yet. Worship material is also spread in the Line Pond near the main road. While the puja material is inside the pond, it is also filled outside the pond. If its cleaning is not completed soon, Chhath fasting people will face a lot of trouble.

The condition of the pond near Taker Stand is somewhat similar. The remains of the idol immersed in the pond along with the worship material are still lying in the pond. Whose cleaning is very important. In such a situation, Chhathvartis will face a lot of trouble.

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