Mouni Roy schools Nishank for making fun of Mahima’s makeup

Mumbai (IANS) Actress and host of ‘Temptation Island India’, Mouni Roy addressed Nishank for making fun of the girls in the villa, and asked him to apologise to Mahima for commenting on her makeup.

The show is making waves with its changing dynamics in the villa. As the final ‘Pyaar Ki Pariksha’ approaches, viewers are eagerly anticipating which relationships will endure and which will drift apart.

However a few days before the finale, a tense moment unfolded in the boys’ villa when Nishank commented on Mahima’s makeup, saying, “If there was an award for the worst makeup, you would win”. This comment had deeply upset Mahima.

During a task, Mouni noticed Mahima’s distress and in an open confession, asked Mahima about it. Mahima revealed Nishank’s habit of making fun of the girls in the villa.

Taking a serious tone, Mouni addressed Nishank in front of everyone, stressing, “It’s not cool, even if said in fun. What is wrong is wrong. You shouldn’t comment on anyone’s dress, hair, makeup, especially when she is not your friend. Please be a gentleman and apologise properly.”

Nishank apologised, saying, “I apologise; your makeup is not just the best in villa, but in the entire world!”

Host Karan Kundrra and Mouni promptly intervened, supporting Mahima and underscoring the importance of a genuine apology.

“An apology is meaningful only when genuine,” scolded Karan.

Mouni added, “Adding sarcasm to your sorry doesn’t make it an apology.”

Following the drama, Nishank realised his mistakes and retracted his words.

The show streams on JioCinema.

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