Minimal styling with fine silver

New Delhi (IANSlife) Jewellery brings a sparkle to a woman’s eye being an emotion, heritage, a status symbol. It defines the personality of the person wearing it.

When it comes to modern-day minimalism, you can’t go wrong with classic silver. Right from the start, silver has always been the go-to choice for day dressing. Classic, elegant and timeless, it holds strong to its position even in the Gen-Z era, be it in the form of safety pin styled earrings or viper chains.

In recent times where it is more about comfort and personal style, it also has taken a very personalised tone. The intricate, delicate piece defines the sheer elegance and professionalism of the person wearing it, someone confident who knows her game.

In the era of sustainable fashion, silver is affordable, durable yet so chic

Sakshi Agarwal, White Haathi said, “After embracing 80s fashion the first time around, I wasn’t prepared for quite how quickly the trend for hoop earrings would re-establish itself. In the past year, I’ve seen spectacular high jewellery interpretations, front-back hoops, double hoops, oversized hoops and everything in between, a sure sign that what began as a trend is now much more established.

“There is something reassuringly cool about hoops and that is why they have entered the realm of modern classics. Among that oft-cited but actually quite an elusive group of jewels that transitions effortlessly from day to night, hoop earrings are most definitely here to stay”, added Sakshi.

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