Mindful plant-based supplements

New Delhi (IANSlife) In today’s world, there are numerous brands promising vitamins to help your well-being. Unfortunately, many of us must fulfill the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of vitamins and minerals solely through our diet. This could be because of an unbalanced diet, polluted food, more processed food, our lifestyles, or our systems’ inability to absorb optimal nutrients.

Whatever the cause, including supplements in our diet plans, is a practical method to ensure we consume optimal levels of nutrients every day. Vegan or plant-based supplements were once underappreciated. The times, however, have changed. People have become more aware of what they eat and understand the advantages of plant-based and vegan supplements over manufactured ones.

Let’s explore some significant advantages of plant-based supplements in detail shared by Seeemaa Budhraja, Dietician at Chicinutrix:

Better assimilation: As plant-based supplements come with naturally derived ingredients, they have better chances of getting absorbed in their natural form than synthetic ones. Also, they are more easily assimilated into the body. Hence Plant-based supplements are better absorbed by our bodies than synthetic ones.

A blessing for vegans: Vegetarians can’t consume non-vegetarian or synthetic supplements that might contain traces of animal meats, hence making these plant-based supplements a boon for vegans.

No side effects/ allergic reactions: Plant-based supplements are derived from natural sources and are free from preservatives, GMOs, artificial sugars, synthetic chemicals, etc., making them safe for consumption and hence less likely to cause allergies and side effects.

Boosts your immune system: Plant-based supplements support your immune system. Plants have essential nutrients that you cannot get from other foods. The vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants in plants help keep your cells healthy and your body balanced so your immune system can function at its best.

Feels morally right: Those of you who are against the use of meat from animals will find such supplements unethical. hence having these natural plant-based supplements will make you feel more ethical

Naturally sourced: Plant-based supplements are natural supplements that are made with vitamins and minerals extracted from fruits and vegetables

Safer than synthetic: Supplements are available in capsule liquids, powder form, or fortified food. Based on the source, supplements can be synthetic or natural. Synthetic supplements may have chemical ingredients and a high range of preservatives to give them a decent shell life. Hence natural or plant-based supplements are a healthier choice.

Plant-based supplements offer more health benefits to your body, but like anything else, excess of anything is wrong. Too many supplements, in some cases, can cause chances of toxicity. Hence, it’s wise to consume the supplements in moderation.

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