MET predicts Clear sky and dry weather in Jharkhand for next 72- hours

Ranchi: The local weather station has issued a forecast of clear sky and dry weather in Jharkhand for the next 72- hours. Ruling out the possibility of thunderstorms and rain in the next few days weathermen said that the dry weather would trigger a Celsius surge.

According to weathermen, no significant synoptic system prevails over the state. Satellite pictures suggested that the cyclonic circulation over the southeast Bay of Bengal and the neighbourhood was lying over the southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining the south Andaman Sea extending up to the middle tropospheric level.

Under its influence, a low-pressure area is likely to form over the same region today. It is likely to intensify into a depression over the Southeast Bay of Bengal and the adjoining South Andaman Sea around May 9. Thereafter, it is likely to intensify into a cyclonic storm while moving nearly northwards towards the central Bay of Bengal and adjoining the north Andaman Sea.

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