Meeting to conduct Matriculation and Intermediate Examination of Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) held at Collectorate 

Ranchi: As per the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Ranchi Rahul Kumar Sinha, a meeting was organized on Tuesday, in the Collectorate Auditorium for the successful conduct of the Annual Secondary/Intermediate Examination, 2024 organized by Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi.

In the meeting, District Education Officer Ranchi Mithlesh Kerketta, all secondary center superintendents and all concerned officials were present.

Guidelines for successful conduct of Annual Secondary/Intermediate Examination, 2024 conducted by Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi.

Annual Secondary/Intermediate Examination, 2024 will start from 06.02.2024 till 26.02.2024.

The examination will be conducted in a single term.

The annual secondary examination will be conducted in the first shift from 09:45 am to 01:00 pm.

Whereas the annual intermediate examination will be conducted in the second shift from 02:00 pm to 05:15 pm.

The intermediate examination will be conducted through question-cum-answer book and the intermediate examination will be conducted through a 24 pages plain answer book.

The process of conducting the examination scheduled through the OMR sheet is canceled with immediate effect.

To free the candidates from exam stress, additional time of 15 minutes is being given to review the question papers of Secondary Examination and Intermediate Examination, 2024.

First bell for secondary examination will be at 09:45.

Candidates will go to their rooms with safe distance and question papers along with answer sheets will be distributed.

Candidates will read the question paper for 15 minutes and will start writing answers as soon as the bell rings again at 10:00 and the exam will end at 01:00.

Similarly, in the second shift, the intermediate examination will start from 02:00 and will end at 05:15.

A total of 100 examination centers have been created in Ranchi district for conducting the Annual Secondary Examination, 2024.

In which a total of 38041 candidates will participate.

These examination centers have been set up in the district headquarters, sub-divisional headquarters and respective block headquarters.

A total of 57 examination centers have been made in Ranchi district for the conduct of Intermediate Examination, 2024, in which a total of 43175 candidates will participate.

All these examination centers have been made in the district headquarters and Bundu sub-division as well as Khalari and Silli blocks.

As per the instructions of the Secretary, Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi, all the center superintendents were informed about the guidelines given regarding the conduct of practical examination for the Annual Secondary and Intermediate Examination, 2024.

For the Annual Secondary Examination, 2024 Arrangements have been made to keep confidential packets of question papers-cum-answer sheets for the theory examination in the nationalized banks of the respective blocks.

The confidential packets of the centers located at the district headquarters are being kept in the treasury / storeroom located at the district headquarters.

On the day of the examination, question papers-cum-answer sheets will be made available to the Center Superintendent or his authorized representative from 07:30 am in the presence of the Zonal Magistrate for various examination centers and it will be taken to the Zonal Magistrate’s vehicle along with the security team.

Arrangements have been made to deliver it to the examination center one hour before the examination.

Question paper packets for the theory examination of Intermediate Examination, 2024 have been prepared centre-wise, subject-wise and shift-wise and made available in the storage room/nationalized bank located in the respective sub-division.

To receive the question paper packet of both the examinations, the Center Superintendent or his representative will reach the concerned branch/bank at 07:30 am with a copy attested by the District Education Officer, Ranchi and will collect the packet after matching it properly and the Magistrate will / Will be taken with the security force.

Question papers-cum-answer sheets will be sent to the examination centers equal to the number of candidates.

To deal with emergencies, some question papers-cum-answer books of all subjects are being kept separately in safe form.

In special circumstances, as per the information given by the Center Superintendents, the secure packets will be opened only after their written demands are satisfied and the desired number of question paper packets will be given.

Every day, after the completion of the examination, sealed packets of subject-wise and script-wise answer sheets with clear address and details will be deposited in the concerned cashier/bank along with the vehicle of the zonal magistrate and security force and take the receipt.

On behalf of the administration, one static team 01 04 and patrolling team 01 04 according to the zone are being deputed at each center.

Complete arrangements for cleaning inside and outside the premises at the examination center are to be made every day and adequate arrangements for drinking water, toilets, boundary wall/temporary fence etc. are to be made at the center.

Arrangements for equipment and speculum in proportion to the allotted candidates will be made by the Center Superintendent.

As per requirement, we will contact the Block Education Extension Officer and depute teachers from nearby high and middle schools and get the list of all the teachers/employees being deployed at the center approved by the District Education Officer, Ranchi.

They will take a declaration form from the invigilators to the effect that none of their sons/daughters/dependents are appearing in the examination at the examination centre.

Arrangement of equipment will also be ensured from nearby schools.

If necessary, immediate administrative approval is being given for transportation expenses/purchase of new equipment from the school’s student fund as per the rules.

After the completion of the examination, the certificate related to the transport expenditure will be sent to Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi through the District Education Officer, Ranchi and as soon as the amount is received, it will be deposited again in the student fund of the school.

All the center superintendents of their examination center will Provision of uninterrupted electricity/adequate lighting along with electrical connection will be ensured in all examination rooms and premises.

Updating the pre-installed CCTV camera sets will ensure functional operation.

It will be mandatory for all categories of invigilators/personnel deputed at the examination center to carry an identity card with a laminated photo signed by the center superintendent.

Except for the examination controller, central superintendent and assistant superintendent of the center, it will be mandatory for the invigilators and candidates to carry mobile and other mobile phones. Electronic machines will be prohibited.

It will be mandatory to display the exam class-wise seating plan on a big board in the room, main entrance and grounds.

Also, the room number will be painted on the door of each room.

The center superintendents will make arrangements to search the body of the candidates at the main entrance of the examination center and bar them from entering the center with unwanted materials.

Neither the candidates nor the invigilators will be allowed to keep any kind of hand bag or plastic bag etc. inside the examination hall.

During the examination period, the invigilators will be satisfied by meticulously matching the photograph and signature printed on the admit card and attendance sheet of the candidate that the genuine candidates are participating in the examination.

In case of suspicion and misconduct, action will be taken to register an FIR against the candidate concerned, he will be expelled from the examination and will be handed over to the police station through the deputed magistrate.

At the main entrance of the examination center during the entire examination period.

Deployment of Class IV employees will be mandatory, so that immediate entry of authorized officers for surprise inspection can be ensured inside the entrance examination centre.

Only officers authorized by the District Administration/Jharkhand Academic Council/Department are allowed to enter the examination center for inspection of the examination centre.

Under any circumstances, serious attention has to be taken against unauthorized officers/employees/representatives entering the examination center and disturbing the candidates by unnecessary tests etc.

All center superintendents, concerned bank/treasury/police station officials/block level officials.

Will remain in touch as necessary.

The signatures of the Center Superintendent and Assistant Center Superintendent will be countersigned in triplicate by the District Education Officer, Ranchi.

All the invigilators and employees deputed at the examination center will provide desired administrative support to the candidates and adopt a positive attitude towards them so that they face no problems.

Candidates can write their exams.

Block level examination cell is being formed in all the blocks and district level examination cell is being formed in the district headquarters.

Which will continue to work from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm from 01.02.2024 till the end of the examination.

Three copies of the welfare report will be prepared in the prescribed form every day and will be sent to the Block Headquarters / Brajgriha in-charge and Additional District Magistrate, Ranchi.

Will strictly follow the Jharkhand Examination Conducting Directory, 2024 and Jharkhand Examination Conducting Act, 2001.

As per the instructions of the Chief Secretary, Jharkhand Government, for refusing to do the examination work and committing irregularities in the conduct of the examination, under the section of Jharkhand Examination Conducting Act.

Punitive action will be taken.

The examination should be arranged in such a way that all the candidates can participate in the examination with complete mental health in a stress-free environment.

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