‘Meet’ completes 600 episodes; cast and crew celebrate by cutting cake

Mumbai (IANS) Zee TV’s popular fiction show, ‘Meet’, which is the story of Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh), who questions society’s gender norms and proves that there’s no work or responsibility that a woman cannot shoulder, has completed 600 episodes aired over two years and half.

In recent episodes, viewers saw how Meet saves Chikoo (Vidhaan) from kidnappers. With a storyline full of such drama, the TV serial has caught on and the cast and crew members celebrated their milestone moment with a cake-cutting celebration on the set.

Ashi said she was “thrilled and honoured to be celebrating this milestone”. And she added: “Meet’s journey has been amazing. I cannot thank my co-stars, crew members, directors and everyone associated with the show enough for being the best team ever. It’s always the team effort that makes the show and the journey the best.”

Her co-star, Shagun Pandey, who essays the character Manmeet Sangwan in the serial, said the 600-episode milestone “showcases the hard work, dedication and passion of every member of our amazing cast and crew.” He added: “My journey has been amazing on the show and the credit goes entirely to the fans. It is because of their love that we show up at work every day and give our 100 per cent to the show.”

In the upcoming episodes viewers will get to see how Meet Hooda gets to know that the boy (Chikoo) she saved is actually her long-lost son. What will happen next? Will the Sangwan family accept Chikoo?

‘Meet’ airs daily at 7 p.m. on Zee TV

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