Maoist set on fire 7 vehicles in Palamu

Ranchi: Seven vehicles engaged in road construction have been set on fire by Maoist in Palamu.

CPI Maoist has executed this incident with the aim of registering its presence in Palamu. Seven vehicles engaged in road construction work were set ablaze on Wednesday night. Due to which crores of rupees have been lost. The incident of arson has been carried out in Hardiya Valley, the border area of Hussainabad and Chhatarpur.

Maoists have burnt JCB, Hyva, tractor, roadroller in the vehicles which were set on fire. The burnt vehicles were engaged in the construction of the road being constructed from Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana to Karrbar via Kalapahar in Chhatarpur via Mahudand in Hussainabad. A squad of armed Naxalites reached the road construction site at 7.30 pm.

As soon as they reached the spot, the Naxalites searched for the scribe. Started fighting with him. Removed diesel from the vehicles engaged in road construction and set fire to the vehicles parked there. Naxalites carried out this incident in a remote area. Police got information about the incident late. On receiving the information, the police team had left for the spot in the night itself. Maoists are being searched by cordoning off the area. Information is being received that this incident was carried out by Nitish ji’s squad of banned Naxalite organization CPI Maoist.

Till now there is no statement from the police on the Naxalite attack. According to the local people, the squad of Maoists suddenly reached the Hardia Valley of Poddaha and set seven vehicles on fire one after the other. This area has been a stronghold of Maoists since the past. Naxalite activity was curbed in the area after the establishment of a police picket at Mahund, but the Maoists have once again made their presence felt in the area by disrupting the road construction work. 14 years ago, Maoists had killed nine policemen by exploding landmines on this road.

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