Mallika Dua: It’s a great time to be a performer

Mumbai (IANS) Comedian Mallika Dua feels it is a great time to be a performer with blurring boundaries between mediums, and said she is happy to be part of the current wave in the industry.

“Not many people know that I have studied acting and I am essentially an actor before anything else. It’s just that we like to slot people between villains vs this or that. At the heart of it, we are all performers and that is what I like to do and everytime I get acting opportunities and it satisfies me and shows that I am a significant part of the project, I say yes to it,” Mallika said.

“This is what happened in ‘Indoo Ki Jawani’. When the film was narrated to me, I was laughing so much and had a smile on my face throughout. I loved the fact that it was a story about a woman, backed by two women producers,” she added.

She continued: “I loved the fact that even other female characters in the film, like Sonal, which is the part that I am playing, wasn’t just a token character. It was written well. She had a personality, significance, she had something to contribute to the film, which is essentially what I look for in anything I do, be it YouTube, OTT platform. I look at the significance of the character and not just one part of a huge cast. That satisfies me.”

Mallika feels “we are living in times when Bollywood stars are doing OTT shows, where OTT actors are doing films, Instagrammers are doing films”.

“So, it’s a great time for art and a great time to be a performer. I am just happy to be a part of this,” she added.

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