Live surgery performed on first day of 20th Annual Conference of Ophthalmologists

Ranchi: On the first day of the 20th Annual Conference of Ophthalmologists under the aegis of Jharkhand Ophthalmological Society, Live Surgery session was organized at Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital, Ranchi which was seen by all the eye doctors of Jharkhand present in the auditorium of the Hospital.

During the event, the doctors asked questions and got answers from the surgeons present in the OT. Apart from this, through the live surgery webinar, many eye doctors of the state joined in this live surgery and asked questions. Dr BP Kashyap, Dr Bibhuti Kashyap, Dr Malay Verma, Dr Nidhi Gadkar Kashyap, Dr Sitesh Bargal and Dr Pooja Kumari was the OT coordinator in this live surgery.

Live surgeries were performed from four operation theatres. Chairperson Scientific Committee of Jharkhand Eye Society, Dr Bharti Kashyap said that 12 types of new eye surgery techniques were demonstrated in the live surgery session of the annual conference of Eye Society.

In the first session of live surgery, implantation of different types of premium intraocular lenses used in cataract operation and Femto laser-assisted cataract surgery were demonstrated from the regular Phaco operation theater and Femto laser operation theater.

In the second Glaucoma session of Live Surgery, Dr Manish Pandey demonstrated a new technique of Glaucoma Surgery called Tube Implant. In the initial treatment of glaucoma, eye drops are given to prevent the disease from progressing.

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