‘Little things, cracking paint, creaking doors, auto rickshaw rides’ are Dot’s inspiration behind her music

Mumbai (IANS) Actress-musician Aditi Saigal, professionally known as Dot, has shared what inspires her music.

Dot made her acting debut with the Zoya Akhtar directorial ‘The Archies’.

Dot’s music is very rustic and feels refreshing in the age where composers often use sounds generated from softwares and commercial loops. That’s because Dot finds her inspiration in everyday things like creaking doors and auto rickshaw rides.

The actress also released her streaming album titled ‘Practice Rooms’ recently.

Talking about what inspires the musician in her, Dot told IANS: “Little things like cracking paint, creaking doors and auto rickshaw rides. Sometimes there are people in my life who are characters I just need to write about. Other times it’s more reflective. But the general flavour of my writing comes from a poetry of the ordinary.”

When asked if acting has in any way affected the musician in her, she said: “Yes I mean everything I do, every life experience affects the musician in me. That’s sort of why I like doing it in the first place. With regards to acting specifically, I think the biggest thing was the fact that there were so many gorgeous musical instruments on the sets of ‘The Archies’, and there was a musical atmosphere on the whole. I wrote a number of tracks while we were filming, many of which are actually going to make it to my next album.”

Does she compose a melody thinking of a particular genre or let it flow organically and then retrofit the tune in the genre?

The singer said: “It really depends. I think my earlier writing very naturally fell into Jazz. Now, however, there are certain songs in which I’m trying to accomplish a certain task. It’s a good exercise. To have a goal or limit yourself in some way or other. It helps you focus your thoughts a little more and refine your writing. So though there’s not always a specific genre I have in mind when writing, there may be certain tasks I want to accomplish within the songs.”

Aditi also spoke about the transaction of creative energies between her an Zoya as she mentioned: “Zoya treated me with so much respect as an artist. I learned how to write for narrative through her — it’s very different from writing a song in your bedroom. She included me in a team of legendary writers and musicians, and she took my ideas seriously. For that, I am ever so grateful.”

“I think my favourite thing about working with Zoya was just to observe her razor focused on the task at hand. There are so many different routes you can take whenever you’re creating something, but Zoya knows exactly what she wants, and keeps coming back to the essence of the story,” she added.

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