Leaders of INDI Alliance should not do politics in name of temples committee: Sanjay Seth

Ranchi: Ranchi Lok Sabha MP Sanjay Seth expressed unhappiness over the politics done by INDI alliance over sanatan religion and committees formed to run the temples in the capital

“The way the committee was formed in Pahari Mandir, the way the committee was formed in Sankat Mochan Mandir in Main Road, is unconstitutional and undemocratic. There is already a committee working in the hill temple, whose chairman is DC. The secretary is SDO.

Whereas Sankat Mochan Temple on Main Road is run by Mahant tradition” said Seth. He said “ This religious trust board, under political guise, has made fun of the Indian Constitution and also challenged our Mahant tradition. They should not forget that the temple is not an arena for politics. Don’t do this politics in temples”. If something better needs to be done then I openly challenge them to make the area of the hill temple encroachment-free.

Lay siege to it. Take action against the culprits of the attack on Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple. Only then will I believe that they are really concerned about the temples, otherwise they would not politicize the temples. Let the temple remain a temple, it is the center of our emotions. If you play with our emotions, if you play with Sanatan culture, then the public will see this messing and its consequences in the times to come.

All those parties associated with the India Alliance should give clarification to the people of their respective states. I demand the leaders of JMM and Congress from Jharkhand to tell the public about the statement made to destroy Sanatan. What is their stand on that? They should clear their stand otherwise the public will keep them without standing in the coming elections.

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