Largest crematorium to be built on Jumar River at a cost of Rs 7.5 crore – MP Sanjay Seth

Ranchi: Ranchi’s biggest crematorium to be built on Jumar River, MP Sanjay Seth inspected the above mentioned site and crematorium. On the initiative of MP Sanjay Seth, Ranchi’s largest crematorium is to be constructed at the cremation ground of Jumar River at a cost of Rs 7.5 crore, where there will be arrangement for electric cremation and a stove will also be there. This will be a state-of-the-art crematorium, where people will be able to perform last rites according to traditional customs and also through electricity.

MP Sanjay Seth had given the proposal to build the biggest crematorium at the above site. Unclaimed dead bodies of RIMS are also cremated at this site. The number of dead bodies is also in the dozens, in such a situation, this work will also be done easily with the construction of a crematorium. MP Seth said that four buildings will also be built at the above site.

Apart from this, many other facilities will also be provided. Now since a large number of local people also observe Chhath fast in this river, care will be taken that the Chhathvratis do not face any problem. Facilities can be provided for them also.

Regarding these issues, the MP has also talked to the people associated with Chhath Puja Committee and has also talked to the concerned officials and given necessary guidelines. A meeting will be organized very soon with the local people and various social workers including Chhath Puja Committee. After that, foundation stone laying work will be done for its construction.

MP Seth said that in view of the increasing population of Ranchi city, construction of a big crematorium is also an essential task. Now Ranchi city is expanding, in such a situation, a place with various facilities is needed for this important work, it is necessary. He made continuous efforts for this, whose positive results have now emerged. Many types of other facilities will also be provided in this crematorium and building, which will be built at a cost of Rs 7.5 crore.

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