Kurmis stage Rail Roko over demand of ST Status, train movement adversely impacted

Ranchi: Members of the Kurmi community on Tuesday staged protests on the railway track over their demand of Scheduled Tribe Status The demonstration was done between Kustaur and Nimdih stations of the South Eastern Railway. 

In view of the agitation, the railways had to cancel dozens of trains. At the same time, the routes of many trains have also been diverted while few others were terminated early than their scheduled destinations. 

According to the information received from the Railway Department, Train No 18020 Dhanbad – Jhargram MEMU, 03597 Ranchi- Asansol Special, 08642 Barkakana-Adra Special, 18116 Chakradharpur- Gomo MEMU Express, 18183 Tata-Danapur Express, 08174 Tata-Asansol Special, 13512 Tata- Asansol Express and 18019 Jhargram – Dhanbad MEMU are cancelled. Chakradharpur- Gomo Express (train leaving Gomo at 3:15 PM) was also cancelled.

The special train running between Barkakana to Adra also did not run. Apart from this, the Tata-Danapur Express running from Tata via Chittaranjan, Madhupur and Jasidih has also been cancelled. MEMU train from Dhanbad to Jhargram has also been cancelled.

Due to the non-operation of this train, passengers reaching from Dhanbad to Bokaro, Tata and many other cities of Bengal had to face lots of problems. According to the Railway Department, the route of the 18011 Howrah-Chakradharpur Express train has been diverted.

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