Khunti: Seven arrested for killing an elderly man by accusing him of exorcism

Khunti: Police have arrested seven accused in this case in the killing of August 3 of an elderly man (Bhanu Munda) in Seranghatu village located in Adki police station area of the district, accusing him of being an exorcist.

The arrested accused include Sukhram Munda, Guruva Munda, Ram Munda, Madan Munda, Rishu Munda, Bale Munda and Samu Munda. Police have also recovered sharp weapons used in the murder case and an iron trident used in Ojha Guni from the arrested accused. 

Ram Munda, who was among the arrested accused, worked as an exorcist. Ram Munda accused Bhanu Munda’s wife Biraspati Munda of killing Maruti Munda by calling her a witch. After this everyone together killed Bhanu Munda with a sharp weapon.

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