Khelo Jharkhand’s anthem and logo unveiled, participants from 28 sports will take part

Ranchi: This year the participation of players in Khelo Jharkhand has gone up to the school level and block level. Teams from many districts have participated for the first time in the state-level hockey competition.

“We have increased the number of games to 28. It is our endeavor that every student participates in at least one sport. To achieve this goal, Khelo Jharkhand anthem and logos related to districts, divisions, various sports, Olympics and patriotism of the state have been created to make the students aware and motivate them” said Project Director Kiran Pasi on the occasion of launching the logo and theme song of Khelo Jharkhand in the Education Project Auditorium.

She said that our department is paying special attention to children’s education as well as sports. This will not only lead to the all-round development of the children but will also prepare players at the school level to win medals for the country at the international level.

Khelo Jharkhand anthem has been composed by music composer Rohan Dev Pathak. Lyricist M Modassar has put it into words. And singers Harsha Bachchan and Rohan Dev Pathak have given their melodious voices. The visual direction has been done by Chandradev Singh.

The visuals of the anthem include Padmashree Mukund Nayak, Padmashree Madhumansuri, Olympian Manohar Topno, Olympian Deepika Kumari, international players Savitri Purti, Sumrai Tete, Shahbaz Nadeem, Deepika Soreng, Ashtam Oraon, Monu Singh, Kumar Debabrata, Virat Singh, Sushant Mishra, Shahina Praveen. , Preeti Kumari, disabled international player Yamuna Kumar Paswan, Manish Kumar and many other players are gracing the theme song “Khelo-Khelo, Khelo Jharkhand”.

The Khelo Jharkhand logo has been designed by physical education teacher M Modassar. This symbol is made up of four circles. Whose outer circle is made of 24 rings joined together. It represents 24 districts of the state. The five colors for these rings, blue, black, red, yellow and green, on one hand, represent the Olympic rings and on the other hand, represent the five divisions of the state and their districts.

The second circle contains “SCHOOL EDUCATION AND LITERACY DEPARTMENT, GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND”, which is the mother authority of Khelo Jharkhand programme. Its saffron color has been taken from the first stripe of the tricolor.

The figures in the third circle represent different sports. Its white and blue colors have been taken from the second stripe of the tricolor. In the fourth circle there is “KHELO JHARKHAND” and “KHELO JHARKHAND” in Hindi and English. Its green color reflects the greenery of Jharkhand. This green color has been taken from the third stripe of the tricolor. In the middle of the logo, two shapes of saffron and green capital letter “K J” represent Khelo Jharkhand on one side and boy and girl players on the other side.

State Program Officer Dhirsen A Soreng presented the upcoming competition calendar under Khelo Jharkhand. In which he told that this year the National School Games 2023-24 of 6 sports Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Football, Wushu, Skating and Cycling are to be organized in Ranchi. Preparation for which has been started. 

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