Tejaswini employees who set out to surround the secretariat were stopped near the barricading

Ranchi: Jharkhand Tejaswini Employees Union has come out to surround the secretariat with its five-point demands. Everyone has been stopped near the barricading. Earlier, about 500 women of the Tejaswini Employees Union from across the state gathered at Prabhat Tara Maidan in Ranchi.

Then they left for the secretariat house. Here, a large number of police forces have been deployed to surround the Tejaswini Employees Union. Section 144 has been imposed in the Dhurva roundabout and Secretariat area.

Barricading has also been done on this route. The number of Tejaswini employees working in the state is more than 10,000, out of which 8000 are women.

The three points demanded are the following:

  • Immediate payment of outstanding honorarium of BRIU (Block Resource and Implementation Unit), cluster workers and youth catalysts.
  • Extension of service period of BRIU, cluster workers and youth catalysts of 17 districts from April 2023 to August and pending honorarium should be done as soon as possible.
  • The instructions to hand over the mobile phone to the project director should be withdrawn.

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