Katrina Launches Colour Correcting Primer Kay Beauty

New Delhi (IANSlife) “Every girl wants a perfect canvas for her make-up. A primer done right is the first step to a flawless and radiant complexion. A great primer that can colour correct, and camouflage all blemishes means fewer layers of make-up and fresh, natural-looking skin. It’s so simple to use, even if you are on the go, and what’s more, it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave any streaks. I love the gentle #kare ingredients that keep my skin hydrated every time I use it,” says actress Katrina Kaif as she launches the new colour correcting primer range for her beauty line, Kay Beauty.

Infused with light-diffusing technology, the Primer launches in five variants to address different skin concerns using the colour wheel to help you make the right choice. Green neutralizes redness and hides blemishes; Purple counteracts dullness and brightens skin; Yellow combats broken capillaries and hides age spots. The two variants of Peach and Orange suit a wide spectrum of Indian skin tones, from light to medium and dark, as they cancel out dark spots, veins and under-eye circles.

The water-based formula ensures high hydration, acts as a filter to the skin and doesn’t budge even after an entire day of wear, owing to its transfer proof and smudge proof promise. The 100 per cent silicone free primer is suitable for all skin types, and has a lightweight, absorbent, non-greasy formula that allows your makeup to breathe, doesn’t clog your pores or cause breakouts, providing an even and luminous finish.

Reena Chhabra, CEO, Nykaa Brands, “In the last few years, make-up has witnessed a more professional approach with a special focus on correcting and contouring products. Consumers are evolving in their make-up routines, and they want to get each step right. We have launched a colour correcting primer that not only helps cover blemishes, but also addresses the diversity of Indian skin tones, from light to medium, tan and deep, to ensure that everyone finds their perfect match. It’s a great addition to anyone’s make-up routine, be it a beginner or a professional, as this can be a game changer in achieving the perfectly set base, especially when we’re all going to be wearing face masks for a while.”

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