‘Kantara Chapter 1’ first look promises a compelling origin story

Mumbai (IANS) The first look teaser of the upcoming Rishab Shetty-starrer film ‘Kantara Chapter 1’ has been unveiled and it promises a captivating ride through its cinematic journey. The film is a prequel to Shetty’s 2022 Kannada origin pan-India film ‘Kantara’, which told the story of a deity Panjurli Daiva, who protects a village and the forest under which the village falls.

The new teaser showcases an ominous yet captivating look of Rishab Shetty, and provides a glimpse into the world created by the actor-director for himself. It shows the origins of the legend and how it came into being.

It concludes with a unique touch – seven different ragas of music representing each of the seven languages in which ‘Kantara Chapter 1’ will be released.

‘Kantara’ took the global cinematic landscape by storm last year, captivating audiences with its folklore-based storytelling that explored the intricate connection between humanity and nature.

The filming for ‘Kantara Chapter 1’ is scheduled to kick off at the end of December. Although the cast is currently undisclosed, the first look of the movie teases a journey into a parallel world filled with extraordinary storytelling.

‘Kantara Chapter 1’ is produced by Hombale Films.

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