Johar Agri Mart being run by women, helping farmers

Ranchi: The Johar Agri Mart being run by the women in 11 districts of the state is helping the farmers.

Yashoda who is associated with Madhapur producers group said that earlier the farmers were cheated due to lack of knowledge and also lack of resources. She said that sometimes the shopkeepers use to give them expiry seeds while on others they were forced to buy the seeds at a much higher rate, however through the Johar Agri Mart high quality of seeds and fertilizers are being made available at the the right price. She said that during the time of paddy cultivation she had brought the fertilisers and seeds from the Johar agri mart by paying 10 percent  less cost and even the produce has been very good, she said that recently she has ventured into Chilli cultivation and even seeds for that were brought from Johar Agri Mart, she said that due to good quality of seeds bumper production has taken place and she has earned good profit.

In the state the Jharkhand state livelihood promotion society is running the Johar project, under this project the rural families are being linked with produces group and companies and are being encouraged to undertake high level of agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries which can increase their income. Under the Johar project in 17 districts of the state so far 3900 producer groups have been formed and 2.10 lakh families have been included and their income has been increased.

The Johar agri Mart which is being operated in 11 districts of the state has become the first choice of the farmers as apart from the farmers who are linked with the producers group common farmers are also coming up to buy seeds and fertilizers and agricultural equipments, moreover they are also not worried about the quality of the products being supplied to them. In the Johar Agri Mart apart from good quality seeds and fertilizers the farmers are also provided information related to weather market facility soil test and fodder for fisheries and animals. In the agri mart apart from the seeds and fertilizers other agriculture related items including urea farming equipments insecticides and fodder are being sold.

Apart from selling the items the farmers are also linked with modern technology of farming and they are provided suggestions regarding their use. The farmers which are associated with the producers group have been linked with the technical Advisors through social media and these advices from morning 10:30 am to 5 pm in the evening provide details to the farmers related to farming and also solve their problems which they face.

Member of board of director of Girdhan Mahila producers company located in Giridih Neelima said that nearly 160 women farmers and others associated with the group are regularly using the services of Agri Mart. She said that that the Johar Agri Mart being run in this district for its quality and better agricultural services has made a new name for itself across the state. So far the 11 Agri Marts have provided their services to more than 4000 farmers and have made an income of Rs 73.40 lakh.

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