JMM attacks BJP leaders for their controversial statements over Agneepath Scheme

Ranchi: Senior JMM leader Supriyo Bhattacharya took a dig at the recent statement of BJP leaders regarding the Agneepath scheme. Addressing a press conference Supriyo said that top BJP leaders are giving unrestrained statements regarding the Agneepath scheme. A BJP minister from Bihar said, this is not the Agneepath scheme, but part of the skill development scheme.

Two days later Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, 75 percent of the youth who leave the scheme will be adjusted in the Central Arms Forces and Assam Rifles. Then the minister of his department, Kishan Reddy said we will teach them to cut hair and will also teach the work of shoe polish as by developing their skills, they will connect with the society. Similarly, BJP’s national level leader Kailash Vijayvargiya said, the youth of Agneepath will be kept in the security guard in the BJP’s national office.

The JMM leader said, the army is our proud heritage, the BJP leaders are not ashamed of doing such lewd blasphemy with it. BJP says that it will get their skill development done. Anyone who has been an enemy of the Indian Army, used to talk with confidence till today, but what can we expect from such activities. Everyone knows that after serving 35 years to become a general, today there is a minister at the center who went to the court to extend the service of six months. He is also a two-time MP, he gets a pension in two ways and is enjoying political fun today. Those whom the Indian Army is giving pension, they are making such a joke with the youth going to the army.

Over the Mandar bypolls he said that Gangotri Kujur of the BJP in her affidavit has not mentioned an fir registered against her which the Election Commission should take note and even Dev Kumar Dhan is an absconder in many cases in such a situation the question arises as to how his nomination was accepted.

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