JMM and Congress did the work of crushing Jharkhand separate state movement – Babulal Marandi

West Singhbhum :  State BJP President and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi addressed the public meeting organized in Rajnagar of Singhbhum Lok Sabha on 29 April. A large number of people were present in the public meeting.

On this occasion, he appealed to NDA candidate Geeta Koda from Singhbhum to win with an overwhelming majority. Marandi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided gas connections to every home of the poor. Not only this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also worries that no one sleeps hungry in the country. Remember that day during the Corona period, when everything in the country came to a standstill. The factories were closed yesterday. The vehicles were not running. At that time Narendra Modi worried about the poor.

Arrangements were made to provide free ration to everyone’s homes, so that no poor person remains hungry. People will continue to get free grains for the next 5 years. The Prime Minister cares about the poor. Worried about the farmer. Worry about the woman. Worry about the youth. Everyone is concerned about class.

Marandi said that information was received that people were roaming around stopping people from going to the public meeting. Seeing the people who came in this scorching sun, one thing became clear that the people of this area have made up their mind to win by voting for the NDA candidate. No matter how much Champai Soren ji tries to stop, the people of the area will not stop now. On May 13, Kamal will press the button in Nishan itself.

The state president said that the people of Indi alliance have sold the minerals of the state. Sold iron and coal. Even the river sand was not spared. The former Chief Minister of this state Hemant Soren is in jail for this reason. We had written dozens of letters to the former Chief Minister. It was told that stone theft is taking place here. Sand is being stolen. Coal is being stolen. People are selling land by making fake documents. Investigate this and take action against them, but instead of taking action, they were giving protection to these people. Due to this he was caught in the ED. He is lodged in Hotwar jail. If you give protection to criminals, you will have to face punishment.

Marandi said that the amount of development work done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the last 10 years is not hidden from anyone. The amount of work he has done in the last 10 years has never been done during the tenure of any Prime Minister till date. What was the situation before 2014 is not hidden from anyone. As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government was formed at the Centre, he first gave houses to the poor.

78,429 Prime Minister’s residences have been built in your Singhbhum Lok Sabha constituency. After coming back to power at the Centre, the poor will be given Prime Minister House. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already announced this. He said that the people of Indi alliance are falsely propagating that after coming to power, BJP will loot the land of tribals and poor. 

BJP has had three Chief Ministers in this state. You tell us how many tribals and poor people’s land was looted during his tenure. We have one hundred more deeds of Hemant Soren. They have captured the land of poor and tribals everywhere in Jharkhand. The ruling ally Congress party should apologize to the people of the state. He ruled this country for 50 to 60 years. It was during his tenure that big factories and canals were built. The mines were open.

Village after village were destroyed. Till date he has not found shelter anywhere. They are stumbling. There is no trace of his arrival today. Now they are calling themselves great well-wishers of the tribals. All these people are only looting the country and this state.

Marandi said that the government in Jharkhand is running under the leadership of JMM, Congress and RJD. All of them are against Jharkhand. They are anti Jharkhandi. He is against the development of Jharkhand. Jharkhand can never develop because of these. The movement for a separate state of Jharkhand was going on since the country’s independence. The Congress Party government was at the centre. He never made Jharkhand a separate state. Did not respect the sentiments of the people of Jharkhand. He only did the work of buying the leader who was agitating for a separate state. When Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government came to power at the Centre, a separate Jharkhand state was formed.

Today, if we call ourselves residents of Jharkhand, it is the contribution of the Bharatiya Janata Party. It is the gift of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha did not create a separate state. Congress did not make it. They worked to crush the movement for a separate state of Jharkhand. 

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