Jharkhand Tribal Festival:Palash products & Adiva jewelery worth about Rs 6 lakh sold

Ranchi: The two-day Jharkhand Tribal Festival 2022 which began on August 9 at Morhabadi ground, concluded on Wednesday. Palash and Adiva jewelry stalls were set up by the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) under Rural Development Department during this festival. In this, various products were displayed by the women of Sakhi Mandal.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren inquired about the products manufactured by the women of Sakhi Mandal. He encouraged them by buying the tricolor made by the women of Sakhi Mandal present in the stall. Around 29 types of products manufactured by the women of Sakhi Mandal were kept for sale in the stall under the Palash brand.

There was a great demand for pure mustard oil, pickle, honey, honey, spices, cowpea, lemongrass and soap. At the same time, the conduct of Palash was also the center of attraction among the people.

Apart from this, people also liked Jamun Vinegar, Kalmegh, Palash Soap, Detergent, Liquid Handwash. In view of the festival of Rakhi, Adiva jewelery was in great demand in the festival. Jewelery made of silver and other metals, such as Jhumkas, Bali, was in great demand under the tribal traditional jewelery brand Adiva, made by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal. This initiative is to save and give a new identity to the cultural and traditional jewelery of the state was highly appreciated by the people.

In the festival, people enjoyed the delicious dishes at Aajeevika Didi Cafe, run by rural women. About 26 types of traditional dishes were prepared at Aajeevika Didi Cafe. In the cafe, these didis served about 3000 traditional thali, in which popular dishes of Jharkhand like Dhuska, Pitha, Dumbu, etc were well-liked by the people.

The selfie booth was built by JSLPS with the aim of creating awareness among the people about the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign under the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi. People of all ages showed enthusiasm in the booth and took pictures with great joy.

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