Jharkhand Tribal Festival: Will have to fight more to save our existence says Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that tribal are making small efforts to save their existence because of the place and rights given to them in the Constitution. Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Jharkhand Tribal Festival 2022 he said that but such small works will not work and the people will have to fight more. He said that everyone needs to reflect on how they can make their mark on the national stage.

The Chief Minister said that many schemes are being run in the state for the welfare of the tribals and they should go ahead and take advantage of these schemes. The government has opened the doors of every sector for them but they need to move on. He said that the government is working to deliver every scheme at their door. He again reiterated that there is talk of saving water forest land but there is no talk on how the tribals survived.

Hemant Soren said that the voice of the tribals does not reach the people sitting on the top chair therefore the community needed to raise such a voice so that it reaches to the people sitting in top positions. The Chief Minister said that till a few days ago, it seemed that the situation in the state was going to be appalling in the coming times and even the government was worried thinking what would happen to the farmers and the poor here but as soon as the tribal festival started, it started raining and it is raining continuously.

He said that for the first time after the separation of the state, all of us are participating in the Tribal Festival in Jharkhand. Artists and representatives have come here from different districts and states who have played their part in making this program a success and he expressed his thanks all.

He said that the strength and blessings that the people of the state have given to the tribal communities has started new initiative for this state and it will ever stop and will go on continuously and for this he need to continue to get the blessings of the people of the state.

The Chief Minister said that now the tribal society has to fight more wars as whatever they have belongs to the ancestors, who gave their lives and saved it for future generations however there is a need to reflect on this subject as to how to save it, how to strengthen it.

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