Jharkhand Pradesh Congress stages
protest at Birsa Chowk against
inauguration of new parliament building

Ranchi: Prime Ministerv Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the new Parliament Building. However opposing against the act the Congress party said that this Parliament building should have been inaugurated by President
Draupadi Murmu but the Prime Minister did not even think it was necessary to call the President for the inauguration. The Congress has called this attitude of PM Narendra Modi as dictatorial. The Indian National Congress staged protests by protesting at the Delhi headquarters as well as at the headquarters of various states. Similarly leaders and workers Jharkhand Pradesh Congress staged dharna at Birsa Chowk.

While keeping their point, the leaders said that this is the dictatorial attitude of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. State President Rajesh Thakur, Legislature Party Leader and Minister Aalamgir Aalam, Rajeev Ranjan Prasad, Ravindra Singh, Rakesh Sinha, Rakesh Kiran, Amulya Neeraj Khalkho, Chandrakant Shukla, Shamsher Alam, Kumar Raja and many Congress leaders are present in the ongoing dharna. 

The leaders said that the constitutional head of the country, the army chief and the president who addressed both the houses of the parliament has not been called which shows dictatorial attitude and is very dangerous for democracy and this is a conspiracy to destroy constitutional institutions which Congress will never tolerate.

Even after repeated requests from the opposition the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not listen to them he said that today the democracy of the country is in danger and it is the responsibility of the Congress to save it. State President Rajesh Thakur, sitting on the dharna, said that the party is never objecting to why Narendra Modi is inaugurating the Parliament House.

The opposition, including the Congress, has objected to the fact that it was not even considered appropriate to invite the President present in Delhi to inaugurate it, let alone a distant one. Rajesh Thakur said that Pandits and priests were called from the chartered plane but the constitutional head President was not invited to the inauguration ceremony. What kind of stubbornness is this and the beginning of a new tradition. The people of the country will never forget this insult of the President he claimed.

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