Jharkhand Police report revealed – Minor criminal and communal incidents are being exaggerated

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Police report has revealed that even minor criminal and communal incidents are being blown out of proportion.

In the report released by the Jharkhand Police, it has been said that in view of the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections to be held in the near future, minor criminal incidents, even minor issues related to politics or communal issues are blown up by various political and other organizations.

Apart from this, it has been said in the report that there will be an increase in crimes like theft, dacoity, chain snatching and crimes against women during the festival.

There has been an increase in the incidents of damage and sacrilege of religious places in Jharkhand.

In recent days, this incident has happened in Jamshedpur, Hazaribagh, Bokaro and Pakur districts of the state.

Apart from this, in the less sensitive festivals (Saraswati Puja, Ganesh Puja, Milad Un Nabi) too, law and order problems have been created in recent years.

In almost all the festivals, huge participation of youth, children and especially women is seen in the form of a huge procession.

This has been revealed in the Jharkhand Police report.

Apart from this, it has also been learned from the report that the areas of Jharkhand which were not communally sensitive in the past, have witnessed unrest in recent times.

These areas include all the districts of Santhal Pargana and Koderma district.

Agitation being done by various student organizations against the planning policy.

Agitation being done to include Kurmi caste in Scheduled Tribe.

Parasnath movement.

Mercury teacher’s movement.

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