Jharkhand has been maligned by the middlemen: Pankaj Mishra’s health deteriorated, Babulal targeted Hemant, don’t use and throw

Ranchi: Senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party and Leader of Opposition Babulal Marandi has targeted the Hemant Soren government.

In three tweets one after the other, Babulal Marandi has targeted Hemant’s MLA representative Pankaj Mishra, Jharkhand’s image in other states and the scam on Jharkhand’s liquor policy.

On the deteriorating health of Hemant Soren’s MLA representative Pankaj Mishra, appealing for better treatment from Hemant Soren, Babulal Marandi said, the news is coming that Pankaj Mishra, the main accused in the Sahibganj 1000 crore mining scam, who is the MLA representative of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, his health is very bad.

As a prisoner, he has been taken to Delhi for treatment.

It is very important for them to be healthy.

Chief Minister Hemant is requested not to “use and throw”.

Don’t just leave Pankaj to the mercy of God on his condition.

You will feel guilty.

It is your duty and duty to pay personal attention and arrange for better treatment for Pankaj.

Babulal Marandi, while discussing the image of Jharkhand being built in other states, tweeted, “When I was on a tour of Madhya Pradesh, many times I became uncomfortable with the questions asked by people in the context of Jharkhand.

When people were meeting, they had only one question, what is happening in Jharkhand?

Is Hemant Soren also involved in this loot?

Will he be arrested too?

I used to tell them only that Jharkhand has been looted by robbers but everyone is being accounted for.

Some left which will happen in the days to come has been defamed by some unscrupulous officers, touts – middlemen and gang of “sahebs”.

Gangsters like Mishra and Amit Agarwal are being recognized because of the exploits of the officers-middlemen.

The hands of the investigating agencies are sure to reach the neck of “Saheb”.

Babulal Marandi has also targeted the liquor policy of Jharkhand.

Tweeting, he wrote, in my home district Giridih, the case of embezzlement of crores of rupees has come to light due to the nexus of Liquor Company and salesman.

Interestingly, in this also the involvement of the same “Chhattisgarhi Company” has come to the fore.

The Congress government in Chhattisgarh has created such a web of scam in the name of liquor policy that Jharkhand and the “Jharkhandi prince” of the Soren Raj family were also trapped in it.

Hemant Soren, in what greed has the “Chhattisgarh Model” Were eager to adopt?

Who will take the responsibility of the huge loss of revenue?

Who is the mother and father of the government?

I am saying again, in the coming days a huge case of liquor scam will also come to the fore in Jharkhand.

Yes, the investigating agencies Let’s consider it as fixed that the hand of ′′ Sir ′′ will also go to the neck. Just wait and keep looking ahead, Babulal Marandi said.

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