Bittu Khan Murder case revealed: Murder on instructions of jailed Raj Verma, plan was made three months before killing

Ranchi: Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ranchi Kishore Kaushal addressed a Press Conference at Collectorate in Ranchi on Tuesday in connection with the High Profile Murder Case of Bittu Khan.

Tanveer Ahmed alias Bittu Khan was shot dead on June 6 near Tonte Chowk government well in Bariatu.

Ranchi Police has disclosed this murder case within just a week.

According to the information given by the police regarding the disclosure of this murder case, Bittu Khan was murdered on the instructions of Raj Verma, who was in jail.

Six people involved in the murder have been arrested.

Motorcycles, mobile phones, country-made pistols and bullets used in the murder case have been recovered from them.

The criminals had made a plan 2 to 3 months before the murder of Tanveer Ahmed alias Bittu Khan.

Ankit Kumar Singh and Deepak Kumar Singh, who were involved in this massacre, were given the responsibility of doing Reiki.

Ankit Kumar Singh was assigned the task of conducting a recce of Edalhatu TOP and Deepak Kumar Singh of Bittu Khan’s house.

On June 3, Deepak Kumar Singh and Ankush Kumar Singh went to meet Raj Verma, who was in jail, regarding whether to kill Bittu Khan or not.

After receiving instructions from Jahan, he fired bullets at Bittu Khan all evening.

According to the information received, on June 6, two motorcycle-borne criminals had come after receiving instructions from jailed Raj Verma.

In this, Durga and Abhishek came on a motorcycle. In which Durga was driving a motorcycle.

Abhishek had a pistol there. Rohan Srivastava and Rohit Munda were on the other motorcycle.

In which Rohan Srivastava was driving and Rohit Munda had a pistol.

Both of them fired bullets on Bittu Khan.

After this incident, both the vehicles were kept with Mohammad Arif of Doranda to hide them.

Following have been arrested – Rohan Kumar aka Rohan Srivastava, Mohammad Arif, Ankit Kumar Singh, Deepak Kumar Singh, Ankush Kumar Singh aka Lucky

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