Jharkhand Governor stress need of industrialisation along with farming

Simdega: Jharkhand Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan interacted with people at the Arani Panchayat Secretariat at the Simdega district of Jharkhand on Wednesday. He said, “Necessary works will be done for the development of Arani Panchayat.” It was his 24th district tour. He added, “Anyone can come and meet him with his problem.”

Governor Radhakrishnan said, “There is a problem of migration in Jharkhand State.” After farming, the farmers go to work in some factories elsewhere. He said that people should not be limited to agriculture only. Industries should also be established. He said, “There is not even a single technical college here.” It will be my endeavor to open a college next year. The Ujjwala scheme has been brought by PM Modi. Women find it difficult to cook even on normal days without gas, but cooking on wood during the rains becomes more difficult than on normal days.

He said, “If anyone does not have a cooking gas connection, then the head and Zilla Parishad members should inform the district administration so that the deprived people can get the benefits of these schemes.” He said, “The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Bhimrao Ambedkar Awas Yojana are being run for the purpose that every person should have his own roof.” 

He added, “The Zilla Parishad members and heads should dedicate the list of beneficiaries of old age pension, widow pension and other schemes to the district administration.” Two rice mills are going to be opened here, which are necessary. Rice mills should be in proportion to paddy. The Governor said “The scientists of Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) will be asked to stay here for 3-4 days to explore various possibilities in the field of agriculture.” Distribution of paddy seeds which will be suited to the soil and the climate. Mango is also planted here. It will be seen here how even the smallest farmer can get its benefit.

Different varieties of mangoes suited to the climate will be developed and plants will be distributed. Governor Radhakrishnan said “The Zilla Parishad member, after drawing the attention of the Zilla Parishad member to the problem being faced by the children in going to school due to small drains, will solve this problem.” Governor added, “There is no need to take loans from moneylenders.” If you need a loan, take a loan from a nationalized bank and pay the loan on time so that you can get more money in the future.

Governor said, “Join self-help groups for expansion of the business of poultry farming so that the eggs go to the schools here at the local level.” He asked the district administration to train self-help groups for tailoring and embroidery to prepare school uniforms. 

Interacting with the villagers regarding the status of education, he said that positive changes are taking place in it gradually. There are School of Excellence, Kasturba Gandhi Residential School, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Eklavya Vidyalaya. If required, more Eklavya schools will be opened. In the end, Governor distributed assets among the beneficiaries under various schemes. 

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