Jharkhand Governor participated in Medica Cancer Conclave

Ranchi: Jharkhand Governor CP Radhakrishnan took part in ‘Medica Cancer Conclave’ organized by Mahavir Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Ranchi on Saturday.

Radhakrishnan said that the problem of cancer is increasing in our country and Jharkhand is also not untouched by it.

In such a situation, organizing this Cancer Conclave is a commendable effort in which experts from all over the country including Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai are participating.

The exchange of their knowledge and ideas will help in cancer treatment and morale boost.

The Governor said that this conclave can be a useful platform for researchers and people associated with the medical world to discuss the challenges of cancer and share their experiences.

This will soon provide the latest methods of cancer detection, better treatment as well as promote health awareness.

He said that everyone will have to work together to get rid of cancer.

Besides, the hospital will also have to keep in mind that the best treatment for cancer patients can be done at reasonable cost.

The Governor said that the spirit of service and universal brotherhood has been inherent in our country since ancient times and centuries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged scientists during the Corona pandemic and our scientists succeeded in developing the Corona vaccine.

On the initiative of the Prime Minister, free vaccines were available not only to the people of our country but also to the people outside the country.

We have to work in various fields of medicine in the spirit of compassion, service and brotherhood.

We all should work in the same spirit with which Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai has set an example in the medical world.

The Governor said that it is necessary to have awareness and education among the people for health and medicine.

He said that it is necessary to spread awareness regarding health insurance, so that people do not face difficulty in getting treatment on time.

He said that there should be such a system in every hospital so that people can get information about health insurance there also.

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