Jharkhand CM orders to remove beacon lights from vehicles

Ranchi, Apr 20 : Jharkhand  Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Thursday directed  to remove VIP lights (red/blue lights) from all govt vehicles.

“ Under rule 108 of the   Central Motor Vehicle Law 1989 and para A, B, C of notification number 490 of Transport department dated 11.04.2016,  it is said that VIP lights (red/blue) on all govt  vehicles taking persons/officers  should be removed” says the state govt press release. .

In the light of para D of the notification, the flasher equipped blue light on the mast of the fire-brigade on duty in its jurisdiction, PCR vans/ pilot vehicles (multi-colored blue, white and red light) and  blinker equipped red light with violet glass on ambulance  will remain as usual.

Apart from these, no vehicle will use any color light.

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