Jamshedpur MLA Saryu Rai wrote a letter to CM, said, take action against corruption in the health department

Ranchi: Jamshedpur MLA Saryu Rai has written a letter to CM Champai Soren. It has been said in the letter that action should be taken against the corruption taking place in the health department. The illegal activities of the Health Department are, in fact, making your government sick.

Rai has said in the letter that on the same day your government was receiving the trust vote in the Assembly, the Health Department issued a notification ordering the deputation of 24 doctors. This notification was signed on February 2 by an Under Secretary who was a favourite of the outgoing Health Minister.

Rai has said that due to the resignation of the then Chief Minister on January 31, there was neither any government nor any minister in the state. Then on whose orders was this notification issued.

Did the then Health Minister sign the backdated file and his favourite officer signed the notification on the date of 2nd February and issued the notification on 5th February. The health department committed this fraud on the day your government took oath. The question is whether you will cancel this notification and take action against the culprits. 

Rai has said in the letter that many scams like Main hart Scam, Toffee-T-shirt Scam, Blanket Scam, Mine Scam, Liquor Scam, Sand Scam, Coal Theft Scam, Land Scam, which took place in Hemant Sarkar Part-One, will be given to you in Part- 2 inherited.

In some cases, my allegations were investigated by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). The culprits were identified but like the health department scams, no action was taken against the culprits. It is hoped that your government will complete the results of the investigation of these cases pending since the time of Hemant Soren Government Part-1. Whatever ED is doing, ED will definitely do. You will also keep the above in mind while forming and running the government at your level and will avoid the mistakes made in Part-1 Government.

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