IT raids continue against two Jharkhand MLAs, associates

Ranchi: The Income Tax department continued its raids against Jharkhand Congress MLAs Jaimangal Singh alias Anup Singh and Pradeep Yadav on the second consecutive day. In Godda, the IT team continued searching Yadav’s residence at Sarkanda.

Another team carried out a search and seizure operation at Hotel Sky Blue which is said to be owned by one Shyam Sundar Yadav. It is stated that huge cash was recovered from the premises of Shyam Sundar Yadav. The hotelier is said to be close to Pradeep Yadav. 

The IT officials continued to search at the residence of Devendra Pandit in Godda who is the private assistant of Pradeep Yadav. Documents related to land properties are also said to have been recovered from Godda. It is alleged that huge cash was recovered during a raid at the premises of Ajay Kumar Singh who is the relative of Jaimangal Singh.

Jaimangal Singh in his election affidavit has disclosed his total income of Rs 54.90 lakh in the last five years. In the affidavit filed on October 14, 2020 for the Bermo assembly by-election, Jaimangal Singh furnished information details of his assets.

He stated that in the last five years he had earned Rs 54.90 lakh and at the same time his wife Anupama earned Rs. 23.26 lakh. As per the information furnished by him, he earned Rs 889790 in FY 2014-2015, FY 2015-2016 (Rs. 993680), FY 2018-2019 (Rs. 1690740), FY 2019- 2020 (Rs. 1170520) and FY 2020-2021 (Rs. 745290).

He also disclosed having cash in hand Rs. 19.66 lakh and gold and silver worth Rs. 8.47 lakh. His wife has cash and gold worth Rs 11 lakh. Pradeep Yadav, on the other hand, disclosed his assets worth Rs 1.39 crore.

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