Isha Sharma: Shooting for ‘Pashminna’ in Kashmir added extra layer of motivation

Mumbai (IANS) Actress Isha Sharma, who is set to play the titular role in the upcoming drama ‘Pashminna-Dhaage Mohobbat Ke’, shared how shooting for the show in the breathtaking location of Kashmir Valley was like a dream come true, adding that every aspect of the experience felt entirely fresh and exhilarating.

The show presents a mesmerising love story set and shot in the magical valley of Kashmir.

In this captivating narrative, Isha steps into the shoes of Pashminna, a vibrant and spirited young girl who believes in the idea of love and dreams of experiencing a unique love story for herself. 

Born in Kashmir, Pashminna is filled with enthusiasm, positivity, and a warm smile, and she helps her mother, Preeti (Gauri Pradhan), run a houseboat business for tourists visiting Kashmir. 

Isha candidly shared her portrayal of Pashminna, offering insights into the character’s unique qualities and the captivating journey that lies ahead for the audience. 

Talking about the shooting in the beautiful Kashmir Valley, Isha said: “Pashminna, being my first foray into television, shooting in such a breathtaking location feels like a dream come true. It adds an extra layer of motivation to deliver my scenes to the best of my abilities.”

“The stunning backdrop of Kashmir enhances the realism of our storytelling, aligning perfectly with the essence of our show. We aim to bring our viewers an authentic and immersive experience, and the picturesque setting contributes significantly to achieving that goal,” she said.

The actress further said: “This is my debut show, and every aspect of this experience feels entirely fresh and exhilarating. I must credit the makers as it’s an intricate process of weaving together various facets of the story, maintaining continuity, and discovering such an exceptional script.”

“It sometimes feels like I’m living in a dream. It’s a journey that’s pushing my limits and allowing me to explore uncharted territories, and I’m loving every moment of it,” shared Isha.

If she finds similarities with her character Pashmina, Isha replied: “This character mirrors so much of my own personality. Like Pashminna, I’m a fun loving person who loves to dream. However, I also pride myself on being polite and composed, much like her.”

“Another commonality between Pashminna and me is the belief in Lord Shiva. I’m putting in tremendous effort to bring my character in ‘Pashminna’ to life, to bring joy and satisfaction to the audience through my performance,” she commented.

The actress said she found an instant connection with her character.

“Much like her, I’m a desi girl at heart who stands strong in the face of adversity. My family is at the core of my values, and I take immense joy in supporting and caring for them,” said Isha. 

The show boasts a talented ensemble cast that includes Isha Sharma, Nishant Malkani, Hiten and Gauri Tejwani.

It will air on Sony SAB from October 25.

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