Instructions issued at registration office in Jharkhand

Ranchi: A new guideline has been issued for the registration of trust in Jharkhand. The Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms Department has issued instructions in this regard.

According to this, those names will not be used in any trust, which would make it appear that that institution is government or semi-government. Along with this, the trust in which words like Bureau, Commission, Ministry, Centre, All India and National will be used will have to take clearance from the Central Government before registration of the trust.

At the same time, the department has also instructed the registrars to follow the Act for Prevention of Improper Use of Emblems and Names, so that the trust can be registered using the national emblem and the names of great men of the country.

In the last few years, many institutions were formed and registered using names like National Flag, Ministry, National and All India. In the registration of a trust or any other institution, people use such a name, which makes it appear that the institution is a central or state government institution.

Due to this, there is confusion among the people. To avoid any kind of confusion among the people, the Jharkhand government has issued this guideline. A copy of this guideline of the state government has been given to all the district registrars and sub-district registrars of the state.

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